Strategies in Teaching Literature

I am new in the field of teaching and I could say that teaching is a tough job. As an English teacher, I find it really hard teaching, especially literature. How could I arouse the interest of the students in my literature class? So I did a bloody research. Some of the strategies I got are  Readers Theatre and Role Playing which are entirely different and more interesting than the usual way of delivering a story. Then I arrived to a conclusion that teaching literature could be fun if  you leave behind the conventional way of teaching.

Sample Readers Theatre Video

Watching this video clip reminds me of the readers theatre done by my students. And modesty aside they did it pretty good. I could say that they enjoyed each group presentation. (It was a group activity.) They were enjoying while learning. Indeed, I can really attest that readers theatre is a good and interesting strategy. If you haven’t tried this technique watch this video  to have an idea how a readers theatre is done.

Video Link

A Sample Role Play Video

As far as my teaching experience is concern role play is the most dreaded strategy or activity. Whenever I apply this technique it always end up a disaster. I don’t know why they hate this activity. It is a very  simple and enjoyable activity. When I asked them, they simply said, “We’re afraid to talk.” Which is the very essence of this activity. The video gives me an idea what kind of role play activity that will enable them to talk. (Use elementary speaking activities)jejeje….

Video Link

Reading Strategy Video

I can strongly say that reading  has no appeal to most students today, especially the English reading materials. According to them, they find it hard to understand what they are reading because of the difficult and unfamiliar words. This video will help them handle the unfamiliar words and enjoy reading. (Happy reading then!)

Video Link

Listening Lecture Video
The lecture video below is great and the lecturer is imply amazing. I’ll keep this video for future use. ( I hope the downloader of this video will have the heart to download the full lecture.)

Video Link


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